Recording School


A Program to Learn the Art of Audio Recording

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIO offers in studio training to learn the fundamentals of recording audio.

Both Sides Of The Glass

This term describes the method for each student to participate in the recording process as an engineer and as a musician (if applicable). The program will allow each student to be the engineer and record other musicians that are part of their class (one side of the glass) and also be the musician being recorded by others from the same class (the other side of the glass). This experience is essential for the student to appreciate the challenges that come from each side of the glass.

Recording School student

Five Students Per Class

To achieve that perfect balance between class size and program cost, each session is limited to 5 students maximum.

The Program The program is designed to match a student's ability with others at the same level. As an example, the beginner student will cover all the necessary information on studio setup, digtial audio workstations, microphone selection, cables, the recordig process and more! Intermediate to advanced students will focus on other aspects of recording. All students will have the opportunity to be the engineer and the musician.This course is designed to learn the art of recording on a part time basis or a customized program. Classes are tailored to allow for a“hands on experience”.


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