Frequently Asked Questions


Q:аHow do I submit a song I want to record?
A: Contact us either via phone or e-mail. We will e-mail you confirming that ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIO will be recording your song. The Studio Manager will also direct you to submit the pertinent information about your song (Genre, Singer you choose, etc.) and, at that point, you will also be able to attach an MP3 of your work demo. The process is that easy!

Q:аCan I submit a vocal only work demo?
A: Yes, but you may be charged an additional arrangement and guitar/vocal work demo fee. The amount of this fee will be determined by the amount of time necessary to prepare your song for presentation to be recorded by the band.

Q:аWill I be able to hear my song before it is finished?
A: Yes!!! You will be able to participate in all facets of the recording of your song via ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIO “live stream”. Your song will be assigned a session date when you book your recording. You will be given an approximate time that your song will be tracked with the musicians at the conclusion of your pre-production meeting. The Studio Manager will have e-mailed you the link to connect with the “live stream” in advance of the session

Q:аHow long does it take for the musicians to record my song?
A: It really depends on the arrangement of the song and how many instruments and vocals need to be recorded. Artist Development Studio will listen to the track, review the options for the most effective arrangement, and work with you to make sure it fits in your budget.а

Q:аCan I sing my own song?
A: Yes!!! If you are attending the session “in person” ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIO will make arrangements for you to do your vocal while you are on-site.а

Q:аWhat if I think the vocal isnʼt loud enough when I receive the mix of my song?
A: After you receive the initial mix of your song you will have the opportunity (one time) for mix “tweaks”.а After the mix tweak any additional “tweaks” will be billed to you for the studio and engineering time required.а

Q: Who owns the rights for the tracks?A: You do!аWe record our tracks on a work-for-hire basis. This means that by the end of the process, you own all of the rights to the recording. You are free to publish, reproduce or sell your song without our consent.


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