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A Songwriter’s Guide For Recording A Succesful Song Demo

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIO employs a dedicated group of musicians and engineers who treat every song like it's their own. Our goal is simple -record the most professional sounding demo, at an affordable price,аthat represents the best qualities in each song. ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIOаunderstands that writing songs is an art and that songwriters may not have the musicianship, vocal ability, or resources to turn their creation into a professional sounding product.а

A quality demo will increase your chances of gaining acceptance from the very competitive world of song pitching services and music publishing.

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIOаrecommends that all songwriters go through aаthree step journey before deciding on the best approach to have a song demo recorded.

Step 1 а“BUDGET" the number one challenge for most songwriters is having the funds to record a proper demo. аSongwriters should review their overall finances while taking into account the number of demos they would like to record within a time period.а

Step 2 – а“LEVEL OF SONG PRODUCTION” ask a simpleаquestion... “How much production does my song really need to become a professional sounding demo? Not all tracks will require full production.ааARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIOаwill review the available options.аHaving a demo that always includes full production does not guarantee a cut by a major artist. It actually reduces the number of demo songs a songwriter can submit to a publisher/artist if there is a limited budget.

Step 3 –а“TIME TO COMPLETE THE DEMO RECORDING” is the third step a songwriter needs to consider. Simply put, "the faster a demo is completed the more it will cost". A key marketing tool used by many demo studios is making the speed of the recording process aаpriority. Unless theаsongwriter has a clear path to market the demo song or is aware of a submission deadline for a particular artist, than speed should not be a priority. In actual fact, it is usually a staff songwriter for a largeаpublishing company who needs the song recorded quickly. The publisher already has the contacts in place to get their staff written songs infront of theаartist and wants the demo recorded as soon as possible.

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