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A Songwriter’s Guide For Recording

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIO treats every song like it's their own. Our goal is simple, record the most professional tracks that represents the best qualities of each song. ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIOhas an appreciation for the challenges a songwriter faces when thinking about booking studio sessions. From choosing the songs to record, selecting the right musicians, understanding the recording process, and keeping the project on track can be an overwhelming task. ADS is ready to assist and be part of the team to create the absolute best recording possible.

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIOrecommends that all songwriters go through athree step process before deciding on the best approach to have asongsrecorded.

Step 1 “BUDGET" the number one challenge for most songwriters is having the funds to record properly. Songwriters should review their overall finances while taking into account the number of songs they need to record, the production level required, and the goal of the final product.

Step 2 “LEVEL OF SONG PRODUCTION”Ask a simplequestion... “How much production does my song really need to become a professional soundingsong? Not all tracks will require full production.ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIOwill review the available options and assist in creating a clear plan.Having a song that always includes full production does not guarantee increasedopportunity.

Step 3“PREPARATION BEFORE ENTERIING THE STUDIO” A songwritershould ensure that the songs arefinishedand have a general idea of the level of production required.ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIO will guide the songwriter with preparation tips before each session.


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