Video & Transfer Services



Video-based marketing & educational tools are key strategies driving Corporate, Industry and Business success as seen in the growing popularity of video on the Internet.Today's static marketing displays and training manuals are being replaced with vibrant interactive video.ааARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIOаcan assist in developing a complete solution for video or web based products and services.


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Transfer To DVD/Blu-Ray/Video File

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIO will take utmost care handling customer media (pictures, slides, DV tapes, HDV tapes, VHS tapes, VHSC tapes, DVD, Analog 8, Digital 8, 8mm film) which sometimes can be aged and fragile. The listed media can be transferred to DVD, Blu-Ray discs or to a video file. With technology continously changing, ARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIO аcan outline the transfer options available to ensure that our clients have all the information available before making a decision that fits their needs.

Touch In Time

аARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIOаcan produce an everlasting digital arrangement of your special memories or celebrations on DVD or VHS tape. Our studio will carefully arrange and capture your special moments to be enjoyed by family and friends for years to come. Before the pictures in the shoe boxes are creased, and the video tapes in the cupboard break, letаARTIST DEVELOPMENT STUDIOаbring your memories to life.Your “ Touch In Time Presentation”а can include photographs, slides, 8mm film, VHS, VHSC video, Digital or Analog 8 tape and DV.а

а“Take A Walk Down Memory Lane"

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